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A little bit about Bostons

History of the breed


This breed is nicknamed the 'American Gentleman' among dogs because of his dapper appearance, characteristically gentle disposition and suitability as companion and house pet. The breed is a true American creation, resulting from a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier.


About 1870 William O'Brien of Boston sold an imported dog named "Judge" to Robert C. Hooper, also of Boston. This dog was

commonly known as "Hooper's Judge" and became the ancestor of almost all true modern Boston Terriers. He was mated to a

white bitch owned by Edward Burnett named "Gyp" or "Kate". From that mating descended a dog named "Wells' Eph" who was

bred to a bitch named "Tobin's Kate". The Boston Terrier as a breed evolved from these dogs.


In 1889 about thirty fanciers in and around Boston organized what was known as the American Bull

Terrier Club. They were showing dogs name as Round Heads or Bull Terriers. As time went on, these

people met with considerable opposition from Bull Terrier and Bulldog fanciers who objected to the

similarity of breed name, as they said this new breed was quite unlike their own.


As this breed was in its infancy, the AKC was not yet convinced that the breed would breed true to type.

The new breed's supporters would not be dissuaded, however, and they established the Boston Terrier

Club of America in 1891, changing the name of the breed from Round Heads or Bull Terriers, to Boston Terriers, taking the name of the city where the breed originated. The American Kennel Club admitted the breed to the Stud Book in 1893.

The Boston Terrier is not a fighter, but is able to take care of himself. As a companion and house pet, he is eminently suitable.




The Boston Terrier is gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered, enthusiastic and often excitable. They are an ideal family dog, as they are adaptable, full of fun, loyal and loving. Boston Terriers are known for being very intelligent and therefore are not difficult to train although they can be a bit stubborn. They are very friendly with everyone -  you, the kids, the neighbours and are not afraid to show affection in public. They will also entertain you and can be quite the little comedian. They will bounce on you, lick you, want to go out with you and will want to sleep in your bed (they also snore and fart a lot!).


They are very alert and will bark a warning when someone new is at the door, but otherwise they don't bark much unless there is a reason, this makes Bostons an excellent watchdog. They are an energetic breed and do need some exercise

but be aware that they cannot tolerate extreme temperatures. Without the proper amount of mental and

physical exercise they can become rambunctious and a bit high strung.


Most reliable with children, especially good with elderly people and very friendly with strangers, the Boston Terrier

is playful, very affectionate and likes to be part of the family. Bostons generally get along well with other pets

even cats, especially if they are raised together. Because they have a sturdy build, Bostons are probably more

tolerant of children compared with other small dogs. If children treat them well, the Boston really enjoys romping

with kids.


One trait that runs through the terrier breed is a streak of stubborn wilfulness and the Boston Terrier

temperament is no different. Bostons can become wilful if the humans around the dog do not display the

leadership that all dogs need as they begin to believe they are running the show and need to tell YOU what to

do. Do not allow the Boston Terrier to develop Small Dog Syndrome - human induced behaviours where the

dog believes he is pack leader to humans. This can cause a varying degree of behaviour issues. Bostons need

a gentle, but firm (they are very sensitive to the tone of one's voice), confident, consistent pack leader who knows how to display authority over the dog. It is canine instinct to have a strong leader and this little guy is no exception to the rule. Either the human will be that leader, or the dog will.


Boston Terriers require a lot of time, attention, and human companionship. But if you have these things to give, you will get a true, gentleman companion in return.

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