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A little bit about Oakleyloves

Based in Preston, Lancashire we are home to black & white and coloured Boston Terriers

Welcome to Oakleyloves!


My name is Robbie and I, along with Peter, run our small kennel based in Preston, Lancashire.  We are fully licensed and inspected by Preston county council and our license number is 23620. 


I've kept animals all my life from rodents to reptiles although dogs have always been my biggest passion. I first fell in love with Boston Terriers when I was around twelve years old as my best friend at the time had one. I knew then that one day, I would have my own Boston Terrier when I was older.


As animals have always been my passion, I decided to enroll on a National Diploma in Animal Care at Myerscough College in Lancashire once I has left school. After I completed my two year course, I was offered the position of Animal Care instructor at Myerscough and taught Animal Care for five years. During my time at Myerscough, I was also taught to groom dogs to a professional standard.


Several years ago, I got my first Boston Terrier who was an older dog. She was black and white and was traditonally bred with many crufts champions in her pedigree but sadly, she suffered from quite a few health problems. After speaking with my vet about some of the health issues, it was brought to my attention that most problems were hereditary. It was at that point when I decided I wanted to breed Boston Terriers to try and improve the quality and health of the breed not a show dog.  It just goes to show that even show winning Bostons are not always the healthiest.


Eventually, I came across the red and white Boston Terriers that were imported from USA. I thought they looked stunning and noticed they had a slightly longer muzzle than our UK Boston Terriers. I took on the red and white Bostons and started to mate them to my black and whites. I found the new bloodline widened the gene pool and produced some really healthy Boston puppies.  There are a lot of Boston terrier breeders who are completely against the coloured variety but I find my coloured Bostons to be no different from my black and white - I personally think people do not like change. We would never discriminate against colour in people so why should we with our coloured Bostons?


We are only hobby breeders of Boston Terries but this doesn't mean we don't put the quality and health of our dogs and puppies first. All our dogs live indoors - we do not kennel them as we feel our Bostons are part of our family. Also, Boston terriers are not a breed that thrive outdoors due to their very fine coats. Our puppies are always born in our lounge where our dogs feel safe. We also believe our puppies are socialised to all normal household noises by being born and raised in this kind of environment and can be handled by all of us.


Personally, I think Boston Terriers are full of character and personality but they are very much like marmite -  you either love them or hate them. Again, personally speaking, I have no negative comments towards the breed (apart from their flatulence issues!). If you are interested in welcoming a Boston Terrier into your family, please do your research first.


Because of the quality of our male dogs, I have decided to stud our boys out as they have fantastic pedigrees and by doing so, it will release new blood lines into the breed. If you would like to see our stud dogs please check out the Our Dogs page. In addition to our stud dogs, we also offer other services which can be found on the Services page. Both myself and Peter are qualified microchippers so we can microchip our puppies before they leave us for their new adventures.


I do hope you enjoy our website and look forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in the breed. We are really happy to chat about Boston Terriers and love nothing more than chatting about our dogs and the joy they bring. If you would like any advice, help or information on anything Boston Terrier related, please contact me.

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